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       LAW vs legal 1 ~ Litigating Legislated Liberty
                 TiNTfRT V.12 E.1 ~ 2/12/2016 
Guests, Jerry DeLemus, Laurie "Ann", John and Miner Dave
     - This is NO TIME for RATIONAL THINKING -
    - NOON CENTRAL 7pm in Denmark 6pm (GMT) -
   - FRIDAY Phone-in w/ Flash n VinE [501-762-0437] -

There's no such thing as a bad question.

Antonio Castelan is my guest, General Assignment Reporter for NBC Affiliate News 3 Las Vegas, KSNV-TV ~ http://news3lv.com/ 
Friday Feb. 26th, NOON CENTRAL / 10am in Vegas / 7pm in Denmark / 6pm GMT

What's not heard in the following video is me and some others standing for a man that only asked fair questions, ones that were being asked by a great cross section of America, and the World.

The gathering of this Event brought forth a very old question. One that in some places still today is dare not uttered beyond a whisper out of fear. One that is at the very core in the foundation of Law, and that is, "By What Right", and for what cause.
At what cost is often tallied in answer.

May 25th 2014
Pete Santilli fronted Antonio as Lewis (Prepper) Arthur closed ranks. You'll see me in this vid as well as Mad Mardigan (Anon) and my very good friend John, and an assuring hand that there'd be no need for alarm from a couple of rabble-rousers inciting a few jeers.

I was asked by Antonio about Cliven Bundy's statement as to how The Black Man is still enslaved as are we all. see my response (in part)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14fwBYyp0oA

https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonio-castelan-9575182a —

"No Bad Question" in it's entirety Bundy on Racism pt. 2 (my question for Mr. Bundy at 4:08

                                                 Outside the Cage, Choice Conversations with Chris Stefanick
                                            This is NO TIME for RATIONAL THINKING V.15 E.1-2 OPTIMIST 
                                              3/4/2016 RLM/WT Friday NOON CENTRAL w/ Flash n VinE 

                                                          Personal Freedom, Self Awareness and Choices


                                                              Predetermined Notions of Societal Norms

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                                                                      — with Vincent Easley II and Christopher Stefanick.

~ Topics Include ~ Improving Life's Relationships Through Communication ~ What Motivates People ~ Effective Parenting, Raising Psychologically Healthy Children with a Peaceful Approach using NVC and the Trivium Method ~ A Healthy Mind and Body by Nutrition and Exercise ~ The Spiritual Experience Lived In Gratitude and Right (positive) Thinking ~ +More ~

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